Salad to the warm Dishes is inkluded small Dishes are a discount of € 0,70

Fam. Schmoller and the Team wishes
„Enjoy your Meal“


clear soup with sliced pancakes

€​ 3,30

clear soups with a liver dumpling

€​ 3,30

cream soup of garlic
with croutons

€​ 3,60


Salade Plate „type of house“
salad with a deep fried pumkin seed escalope of turkey

€​ 9,60

Greek Salade Plate
with green salad, olives, feta and oregano

€​ 9,60

1 small sald from the Buffet

€​ 3,50

Dishes from the Grill

„Pepper Steak“
Filet of porc with wedges, vegetables and pepper sauce

€​ 21,40

grilled turkey with ham, ananas and gratinated with cheese and rice

€​ 12,60

Filet of Porc in mushroom sauce
with hash browns

€​ 13,60

Filet of Porc
with french fries, vegetables and sauce remoulade

€​ 13,60

Mixed Grill
with french fries

€​ 13,10

Baked Potatoe
with grilled turkey and cold cream of garlic

€​ 10,90


Grilled Pike-Perch Filet
with potatoes and sauce remoulade

€​ 13,60

Dishes Deep Fried

„Wiener Schnitzel“
Escalope of porc with french fries

€​ 11,40

„Cordon Bleu“
Escalope of turkey filled with ham and cheese with french fries

€​ 12,90

Dishes from the Pan

German noodles with cheese

€​ 9,60

Small Guests

„Micky Maus“
escalope of turkey with french fries

€​ 6,40

Miniburger with french fries

€​ 6,40

„Harry Potter”
Chicken Nuggets with french fries

€​ 6,40

small warm dishes

sausages with ham and cheese
and french fries

€​ 9,90

with mustard, horseradish and bread

€​ 3,80

meat loaf, bacon, onions, paprika, salad and cheese with french fries

€​ 10,40

mit turkey, ham, salad and cheese with french fries

€​ 10,40


Ham and Cheese Toast

€​ 6,70

Chef Toast
Roast turkey with grilled onions, mushrooms and Cocktailsauce

€​ 9,70

Cold Dishes

Cold Plate
with cheese, ham, bacon sausage, tomatoes, paprika, mustard

€​ 7,50

salmon bread
mit onions, egg, tomatoes, mayonnaise und pepperoni

€​ 6,20

vinegar sausage

€​ 5,90

bread with ham

€​ 7,50

all cold dishes with bread 


2 Crepes
with apricot jam

€​ 5,90

1 Crepe
with ice and cream

€​ 5,90

sliced pancakes with apple sauce

€​ 6,80

Dishes for 2 Persons

„Schmoller´s Adventure Box“
escalopes of turkey and mixed grill mit Rösti, Wedges and vegetables

€​ 29,90

We ask for your understanding that in the whole area your four-legged friends have no access.