The Attersee


The region around the Attersee offers countless opportunities for hiking, biking or horseback riding. An inexhaustible variety of hiking trails, climbing routes and about 140 kilometers of bridle paths leave no wishes unfulfilled.

Among sailors, the Attersee is especially popular because of the so-called “Rosenwind”. This consistent wind appears on summer days with about four wind forces on the Beaufort scale . Around the Attersee various sailing and surfing schools are located.

Those wishing to explore the underwater world of turquoise lake Attersee, have the opportunity to contact local dive schools or dive at one of the numerous entry points themselves. Every year, thousands of divers frequent the Attersee. Even advanced divers should be accompanied by an experienced local diver at some dive spots (such as the black wall).

More Informations


The region offers plenty of culinary highlights of local delights. The gastronomy around offers a variety of delights to suit every budget and often beautiful views of the stunning landscape are included.


Since the beginning of the 20th Century, many famous people spent their summer months near the Attersee including Gustav Klimt, whose traces can still be seen today. Numerous illustrated information panels offer the opportunity to experience the area from the Art Nouveau painter’s perspective. Nodes are the places where Klimt painted his famous landscape paintings.

Another artist, who spent lots of his time on the Attersee was Gustav Mahler, whose little composing house can still be seen today. A large number of small, often privately owned museums are located in the immediate vicinity.